[knitting] Turtle Tracks Cowl

A new bamboo cowl:

Turtle Tracks Cowl

Pattern: Turtle Tracks Cowl

Yarn: Frog Tree Meriboo (70% merino, 30% bamboo), 1.2 balls.

Needles: US 6

This yarn was very nice to work with. Very shiny from the bamboo and it's so so so soft (perfect for something that will be worn around the neck). The yarn is a loose two-ply, which creates a nubbley texture:

Turtle Tracks Cowl

You don't get the smooth stitch definition from a tightly-plied, round yarn. I was worried it wouldn't work for this pattern, but I like it. You can still see the turtle tracks.

This pattern was very easy and would be a good stash-busting project. I had too balls of meriboo and only used a small bit of the 2nd, so I have leftovers, but it's totally do-able with one ball.

I did a regular long-tail cast on and a sewn bind off for stretchiness. I made the larger size but only cast on 98 stitches (99 wouldn't work with the 1x1 ribbing) and increased to 99 when I was ready to start the pattern. I decreased one stitch when I was ready to do the ribbing at the end.

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gayle said...

Very nice! Cowls are so much fun to knit, aren't they? I hadn't seen that one before - will have to go check it out.
I had wondered if bamboo felt soft enough for next-to-the-skin.