[gaming] New Games

Fury of Dracula. This is a co-op game where vampire hunters work together trying to track down Dracula across Europe. His current and previous locations are hidden (unless you have a card that reveals one) so you have to go from city to city, seeing if he's been there. I like that the game has the hunters working together but it was so long. After more than 3 hours of play, we finally had Dracula cornered- until he magically disappeared to another unknown location. Very frustrating and we called it quits after that. Do you know how many fights with Dracula or his minions I got into? None. I was all loaded up with a pistol, rifle, crucifix, etc. And I didn't get into one fight. But it was a good game- this was only the 2nd time I've played and it was a lot more interesting and fun than the 1st time.

Incan Gold. Previously knows as Diamant, I just got the 2009 edition. This is a fast and fun game...

"You and your fellow adventurers explore the ruins of an ancient Incan temple, looking for turquoise, obsidian and gold. At every turn, you must decide whether to play it safe by returning to camp with the treasure you've gathered so far; or to be a truly intrepid adventurer and keep on exploring. Going further into the ruins means risking your treasure by falling victim to giant spiders, wandering mummies, fire spouts and venomous snakes! But priceless Incan artifacts are rumored to exist here... and you can be the one to discover them if you conquer your fears and forge ahead!"

It's the press-your-luck element that makes this game fun. And the little pop-up paper tents that you hide your treasure under are very cute. The finishing touch would be replacing the plastic turquoise, obsidian and gold pieces with real little nuggets of turquoise, obsidian and pyrite. Perhaps a trip to Gemstar Gemstone in Enfield?

Shear Panic! As an avid knitter and gamer, I felt obliged to own this game. Plus, I love the tagline: "The best game ewe ever herd!" I haven't played this yet, but the pieces are very nice and I've read many good reviews. The game comes with rules for a two-player variant, so I'd like to try that with Dollar.

Other games we've pulled out recently: Alhambra, Memoir '44, Puerto Rico. I also recently taught Dollar how to play Backgammon. The weather is going to be pretty crappy for the rest of the week, so boardgames sound like just the thing.

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