[misc] Scumbag

I sent a care package to a friend in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago and, having not heard anything from her, I asked whether or not she received the box. Apparently she got the box and the letter inside but nothing else. Someone stole the pint of Fancy maple syrup (from this year's season), 3 mixes from King Arthur Flour for pancakes and scones, a handspun/handknit hat, a crocheted scarf and a handknit scarf for her husband.

Handspun Tam

Handspun Tam


Sinful Ribbed Scarf

The hat and crocheted scarf were both blue ribbon winners at last year's Cornish Fair.

The thief left the letter that described everything inside. I wrote in it that the handspun hat was made with merino fiber that I bought in Alaska last year and was the first GOOD skein I spun. The crocheted scarf was knit with Malabrigo and it came out so soft and nice. I wrote that since her husband is from India, I thought an extra-warm alpaca/wool scarf would be perfect for him in the winter. All this stuff was made with love and I was obviously sending it to someone I care about. The letter was open. Clearly they read it, took everything and left the letter. Who does that?

Ugh, I've been consoling myself with thoughts of Karma getting the thief back. I'm not saying they should be hit by a bus (I wouldn't wish that on anyone but the scummiest scumbags on earth), but come on. Something. Please.


Joansie said...

That is so sad! Perhaps someone will read your blog and recognize the items on someone wearing them. No, don't wish that they get hit by a bus....but maybe a Volkswagen!! :>)

Sara said...

That is just so wrong...You gotta wonder about people! I'm really sorry that happened to you and your friend.

gayle said...

So sad to hear about that.
Karma may not let them be hit by a bus, but maybe their dog will suddenly start peeing in inappropriate places... Or puking. Or both.

amy said...

No, that would be me, too. Muderface peed all over my knitting a couple winters ago and just puked all over my knitting a couple days ago.

Maybe I should start thinking about what I did to anger Karma. Hmmm...