[misc] Road Trip

Things are hectic and not much knitting/spinning has been accomplished. My sister and I are driving down to Florida this weekend, U-hauling some boxes and furniture down to our mom's new home in Fort Myers. We'll spend most of the week with her and then fly back.

I called my mother, who has already been down there for a couple weeks, to confirm some addresses, directions and whether or not she needs anything else...

MOM: Bring my black address book. And my Neighbors magazine.

ME: You're neighbor's magazine?

MOM: Yes.

ME: Why do you want your neighbor's magazine?

MOM: I just want it. What's the problem?

ME: Nothing, I just... All right. Where should I get it from?

MOM: It's on my coffee table.

ME: What's it called?

MOM: ... Neighbors.

ME: OH. The magazine is called 'Neighbors'. I thought you wanted me to steal your next-door neighbor's magazine.

This is a typical conversation between my mom and I. You should have heard us on a trip down to Manchester, NH, where Interstate 293 branches off Interstate 93. "We're already on ninety-three." "I know, I'm saying two-ninety-three." "Two-ninety-three or to ninety-three?" "What?!"

Anyway... If we knew how to play instruments, our conversations would go a little something like this.

Picking up the U-hual was a nightmare. I reserved a 10' truck online but when it came time to pick it up, they told me I was getting a 14' truck. It was going to be a free upgrade but (a) we're not bringing down enough stuff to even fill a 10' truck, (b) I don't want to drive something that big, (c) considering we're driving over 1500 miles, it would cost us a lot more for gas. About 7 phone calls later (to other U-haul businesses in the area, to U-haul customer service, to the U-haul scheduling office in western Mass.), I finally finally finally got the truck I actually ordered. We picked it up yesterday and it's a brand new truck (which I believe is Karma paying me back for having to make all the extra phone calls) AND you know how the trucks have state landmarks/monuments on the sides? Our truck says Vermont and has a huge picture of Lake Champlain's Champ. I love it :)

I need to pack some more travel knitting. The chickadee cowl is coming with me, as is a ball of Noro Silk Garden Sock for a pair of socks...


That sure is a lot of color. I'm not sure how the socks are going to look but I'm sure they won't match. They will be my crazy pair of socks.

I recently finished reading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch and it was so good. The next book is on it's way to me in the mail and I hope it arrives tomorrow. I really want to bring it.

Now all that's left to do is charge cameras and phone, do laundry, pack my luggage, pack the U-haul, send off some mail, pick out driving music...

Oh, one last thing for Vermonters, Green-Up Day is coming up May 2. I've never participated before but I would like to. Anyone want to spend the morning picking up garbage with me?


Joansie said...

Too funny! I was at 93 and 293 last weekend so it tickled my funny bone.

U-Haul....even worse, I paid for mine ahead of time, had people helping me and I was paying hotel and meals for the gang and NO DAMN TRUCK! Sorry, it was broken down and they didn't have a spare.

Green Up Day! I'll pass. I did it for many years and remember when they first started doing it.

Have a safe trip!

amy said...

You know, after speaking with co-workers and friends, I haven't heard anything good about U-haul (the trucks or the customer service). And... based on my experience so far... I wouldn't recommend them either.

Shelby said...

I have a skein of Noro Silk Garden sock yarn that someone gifted me and I think it's the fugliest thing ever in the skein, but I should try knitting it up to see how it looks. Is one skein enough for two socks, do you think?

I'd pick up trash with you if we can go drink beer afterward...LOL We don't have to wear orange vests, do we? ;)

gayle said...

That's a whole lotta color in that sock yarn! Can't wait to see your socks.
Good luck on your road trip. Enjoy all the stages of spring you'll see!

Joansie said...

Sorry..your e-mail link is not working so I'll leave you a message here regarding your comment to me. Yes, Susan Boyle, the singer in the news deserves to achieve her dream. Darn, I had to leave for work and missed the latest on her this morning on CBS news.