[knitting] Daydreaming Noro

Here's my progress on the travel socks I worked on during the Florida trip:

Rainbow socks

Before casting on, I weighed the ball of Noro Silk Garden Sock and prepared to wind half into one ball and half into another. Then I would have two balls to work a toe-up pair of socks. Imagine my surprise when I reached the halfway point, snipped the yarn and started winding at the exact colors that I started with for the first ball: dark pink, light blue, light pink... Full of glee and chuckles, I started to wind faster: light green, yes, dark blue, ha ha ha, teal, red, ha ha h- knot.

KNOT IN THE YARN you &#^$ !%#^%! $&^%W(*^%#4!!

And were they nice enough to knot it with the same color? No. The colors started over again. I snipped the knot out and started the third ball: dark pink, you rotten stupid, light blue, light pink, almost would have had a perfect pair, light green...

I had a lot of time to think about this yarn during the many hours I worked on it in the moving van... [start dreamy harp music to signal fantasy sequence]


A middle-aged man [NORO] sits at an over-sized desk, counting piles of money. A younger, meeker man [PATSY] enters and scuttles up the desk. He bows deeply and waits for the older man to acknowledge him.

NORO: What is it, Patsy?

PATSY: I have finished sweeping up the floor of the mill and placed what I have swept up into a bucket.

NORO: Good. What would you say the contents of the bucket are?

PATSY: Scraps of silk, bits of vegetable matter, offal and the like. It's a melange of waste.

NORO: Have it spun up with the leftover Kureyon sock wool. We will call it... Silk Garden Sock.

PATSY: Very good, sir.

NORO: Those stupid, lazy American will eat it up. Literally, I'd wager. Fat, stupid-


NORO: What is it, Patsy?! I have all this money to count!

PASTY: We have no one to spin the yarn.

NORO: What? What about Helen?

PATSY: You fired her.

NORO: Oh yes. [chuckles] Paul, then.

PATSY: He quit.

NORO: Well... Who is there?

PATSY: We just hired this guy, Ralph. But it's his first day and-

NORO: Have him spin it.

PATSY: He hasn't been trained. Or even used the machines yet. His spinning will likely be erratic and uneven.

NORO: Yes yes, you may go now.



It does go on from there, with Ralph (who is colorblind) breaking the yarn as it is being wound into balls and haphazardly tying knots in color sequences that don't make sense.

I'm just frustrated is all. Noro yarns are all about the color. I would say that people choose Noro based more on color than feel (have you ever had a Kureyon scarf wrapped around your neck? It's not pleasant.) and if color is so freaking important, why tie a knot that breaks the color progression like you just don't give a crap?

Why not have Noro Seconds? Here's a bin of yarn at a reduced price because these balls have at least one knot in them. HERE's a bin of yarn at full price and you can buy a ball knowing that there is not one knot in it. Am I crazy for wanting this?

Anyway, if you've knit with Silk Garden Sock, you know what I'm talking about. There's all kinds of junk in it and it's unevenly spun. The socks I'm making are dense and I hope they will last a long time because I don't think I'll make another pair with this yarn.


Joansie said...

Though the yarn is beautiful, I've not heard good reports on it. I purchased expensive yarn at my LYS and had knots also. When I complained I was told that they do not return yarn unless there are 5 knots in it. Yikes!!! so why spend good money on expensive yarn if that is going to be the quality. Sorry for your frustration!

Shelby said...

I got a skein of Silk Garden Sock in a swap (exact same color as what you're using, too...cue the Twilight Zone music!) and while I haven't found any knots in it yet (for once), the thick and thin thing is driving me batty. SO annoying. It might be ok if it was like...still smooth when it went to thick, but mine at least gets super fuzzy and almost unspun entirely on the thick parts. Exactly like how I spin, come to think of it...which is why I don't spin...LOL