[spinning] Aubergine avec les sparkles

Here is the bulky dark purple yarn I spun and plied with sparkly thread:

Bulky Yarn with Sparkles

The color here looks a little milk-chocolatey but it is a deep eggplant color. The sparkles were also hard to capture. I have a blurry shot to show the effect of the thread:

Bulky Yarn with Sparkles

Oh la la, c'est tres jolie.

Dollar and I are off to Boston for the night, to witness the angry rambling and pontificating of Henry Rollins. We're taking the Dartmouth Coach down to South Station and we'll ride the T from there. We're staying with a friend overnight and coming back tomorrow. I'm happy I don't have to drive.

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gayle said...

Pretty! I wish I could see the eggplant color.
I wouldn't drive in Boston for any amount of money... Scares me to even think about it!