[knitting] Mock-Cable Tam

Mock Cable Tam

Mock Cable Tam

Pattern: Slouchy Copy-Cat Hat

Needles: US 5 (ribbing), US 8 (body)

Yarn: Plymouth Galway, most of one ball

Mod: I did a rolled brim and then 1 inch of 1 x 1 ribbing. I don't think I went as far as 8.5 inches from the cast on edge before starting the decreases. Probably more like 7 inches. It was very hat-like but I performed my new favorite tam-blocking technique: threading a needle with sock yarn under ever other knit stitch on the last row of ribbing. Soak the hat, roll out the water, insert a large dinner place and cinch the sock yarn tight. Tamified!

I think this hat will be for me. I will knit the pattern again with a nice light blue angora wool for my mom. Maybe. I just picked up a lace scarf that I haven't worked on since June and, being accustomed to instant gratification projects, knitting ONE INCH of the scarf in ONE HOUR is a little depressing. But I want to finish this scarf up as a Christmas present for her.

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