[knitting] Harmonic Dishcloths

I knit a few much-needed dishcloths using leftover worsted-weight cotton in my stash.

Harmonic Dishcloths

Pattern: Harmonic Mosaic Cloth

Needles: US 7

Yarn: Misc. colored Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton

Mods: I left out the last repeat of rows 5 - 12.

This was a great stash busting project. They are wicked bright but Lois pointed out that when you're doing a crap job like dishes, it's nice to have something bright and cheerful to look at.


Kit said...

These are nice! I have lots of cotton yarn to use up, so this is perfect.

Joansie said...

Those look really nice. I only want to use handknitted cloths these days.

Natalie said...

That is a cute pattern, I haven't seen it before!