[knitting] Scalloped Table Runner

The table runner is nearing completion:

Table Runner

The pattern isn't hard to memorize- I was doing it without my sketchy written instructions after 3 repeats.

Table Runner

The scalloped edges are subtle. I could exaggerate them by pinning them out during the blocking process, but since I'm using a basic cotton, I think I'll lightly iron the runner instead of blocking it.

Table Runner

Table Runner

Once I'm done knitting and ironing, I'll write instructions, convert to PDF and make the pattern available for download at Ravelry...


Shelby said...

So pretty...I can't wait for the pattern...I'm totally making one.

Megan-fruitychick.com said...

Thats lovely!

Miss 376 said...

Beautiful, would look great on the chest in my bedroom

Wendy K. said...

Love this and would really like the pattern!

amy said...

Wendy, you can download the pattern from Ravelry (required membership):