[knitting] Fruity Socks

A monster flu knocked me out of the park at the end of last week. I'm not sure how long the flu marinates inside your body before rising to the surface and shutting down your life, but I blame either (a) all those plane rides, (b) all the people in Korea- apparently everyone was wearing dusk masks and white gloves for a reason, (c) sick people in the Upper Valley- it seemed like everyone was sick when I got home.

Anyway, these are socks I finished during my travels:

Fruity Socks

It's my first pair of toe up, short row heel socks. I used these instructions for toe up, and this method for short row heels. There wasn't really a pattern I followed for these socks, it was more like a recipe.

I call them "fruity socks" because I can't remember the name of the yarn (it was gifted to me by my sister way back when I first learned how to knit) and the colors (orange, green... orange) remind me of fruit.

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