[travel] Downtown Daegu

Co-worker and I took a cab to downtown after work. It was BUSY. Lots of people out and lots of sellers- selling mostly underwear, shoes and fake Louis Vuitton bags. The narrow alleys were fun to walk through.


We bought a walnut creamcicle and walked around. I saw an advertisement for the new Indiana Jones movie.

Indiana Jones

There was no place to cross the street so we walked down to the subway station to cross to the other side. Only, the subway station was a mall. A MALL.


This mall (selling mostly underwear, shoes and fake Louis Vuitton bags) was 20 feet below the busy road above. It was clean, air conditioned and RIGHT BELOW the city above.

We made our way up and out on the other side of the street at a park:



Lots of young girls were waiting outside of a building- waiting for a celebrity to arrive I think.

Busy Daegu

Spidey, caught in an invisible awning, gets ready to web someone:


People are everywhere:

Busy Daegu

At supper, I tested out my camera's color-swap capabilities for a couple of the shots.

Just green:

Supper- color selection

Just kimchi red:

Supper- color selection

The complete meal:


When we left the restaurant it was night. We actually stayed up late enough to see night.

Daegu Night

Now that I'm getting adjusted to the time change here, I don't look forward to having to do it all over again at home.

One last comment about the cab ride back to the hotel- It was amazing. Amazing in the same way that Russian Roulette is exhilarating when you don't lose. This young male cabbie had his ride pimped out with flashing lights and neon colors. He drove like EVERYBODY was in his way- honking, going around cars, between cars when I was sure there wasn't enough room. Co-worker was trying to look up the Korean word for "exciting" as I sat next to him saying, "Stop! You're missing it! He's making a u-turn in the middle of the road and cutting off the bus! You have to be seeing this!"

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