[travel] Daegu, Korea

Ugh, I made it. After leaving Anchorage Thursday evening, I finally made it to Daegu, Korea Saturday evening. Now it's Sunday morning and I'm wondering where Friday and Saturday went.

My co-worker and I went for a walk through the city and down by the river. I snapped a few pictures:

Daegu River

There were lots of different kinds of birds in and around the river:

River birds

River birds

River birds

Here's lunch. I have no idea what I ordered, I just pointed at one of the three pictures posted on the wall.



One of the side dishes was whole cloves of garlic. I had four or five while eating and I'm regretting it hours later. I don't know if you can o.d. on garlic but I think I'm close. Who eats whole cloves of raw garlic anyway? When my co-worker and I left the restaurant, we passed a market and saw this:


Bunches of garlic for 6000 won (about six dollars) that would probably last me six months. It probably lasts someone here two weeks. Or less.

And a view of the street we were on.

Street in Daegu

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Shelby said...

Glad you got there safely! Pictures of Korean food make me drooooool...I can almost smell it from here...nom nom nom nom!