[uvGamingClub] You CAN game easily with eight people!

I had a very nice time gaming this weekend. All eight (eight!) people actually showed up. We started off with Apples to Apples to loosen people up and you know what I realized? It's hard with so many people to get even one green card! You kind of have to play up to the judge. For example, when it was Dollar's turn to judge, the word was "chewy". I throw down the world "amputation". Because it’s the most politically incorrect answer, he choses it. I've learned not to throw down words that make the most sense.

Then we played Bang! With eight people there is one Sheriff, two Deputies, three Outlaws and two Renegades. I was a Deputy and I was the first one out. It got down to one Renegade, one Deputy and the Sheriff. Basically, the Deputy was able to put the Renegade in jail. Then the Sheriff came along, slid his gun between the bars and... Bang! The good guys won.

Most everyone left and it was just Dollar, Terry, John and myself hanging about. We decided to play Bang! again with one Sheriff, one Deputy, one Outlaw and one Renegade. I killed Terry pretty quickly and pulled out the rules for ghosts to play. That’s the sucky part of Bang!- When you’re dead, you’re dead. You’ve got to sit there and wait for everyone else to be eliminated. Filler games are good for the odd people out but I like these special rules that allow your character’s ghost to still influence play. It worked out pretty well.

We played regular Bang! with the Dodge City expansion (to allow for eight people). All the new cards (Iron Plate, Sombrero, Tequila) are really cool.

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