[weather] Rain, rain, go away

Wow. Just... wow.

So it's been raining for like 4 or 5 days now and it looks like there's plenty more to come. There are flood watches and evacutations. I think I'm good, although there were a bunch of DPW folks outside my house this morning, doing something to the sewers. The fact that they were literally right outside my door had me a little worried for my basement.

All the rain didn't stop Dollar and I from going to the Sheep & Wool Fest. And guess what? It suuuuuuucked!! It sucked so hardcore. I was totally sopping wet by the time we were walking back to the car, after having only spent ONE HOUR there. I didn't even have a particularly good time due to the fact that I was all wet and didn't really want to handle the vendor's nice yarn. It was just a bad scene. If I was a two-year-old, I would have thrown myself down into the mud and started having a mega-tantrum. There's not much worse than walking around in soaked clothing, freezing. My rain slicker was a piece of crap that let 30% of the water through and slid the remaining 70% down onto my jeans.

But, Dollar was a trooper and we stayed long enough to see a sheepdog demo. He loved it. I must admit, the dogs were pretty smart. Back at the car, he told me that it's really bad to leave cold wet clothes on and that I should probably take my pants off. Somehow this made sense (I just wanted to get WARM) and we drove home in our underwear with the heat on max. I don't know what other drivers must have thought but I didn't care because I was toasty warm.


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kaszeta said...

Well, I'm glad that Carol and I decided to go to Burlington, instead...

Cheryl said...

It did totally suck, didn't it? I should have thought of taking off my pants, my legs were all chapped when I got home from being wet for so long! I didn't get warm until I'd been home for an hour.