[amy] Outtie like a fox!

I'm outtie like some people's belly buttons. But not mine; mine's an innie. Wait. I'm outtie like a gay person who has come out of the clos- No, that doesn't flow well either. I'm outtie like... a... I'm just outtie until January 3. Woo!!

Having said that, I'm not too prepared for Christmas. (BTW, some Pagan here at work just wished me a "Happy Winter Solstice" Pssht, no presents for THAT guy.) I've got all these gifts piling up in my place, unwrapped. I haven't sent out any cards. Amazon is being a little bee-yotch about sending me things. And my sister still doesn't know what she wants, so she's just getting a wad of cash. I gave Boyfriend his presents already (three sheet music books- two of which he already had... DAMMIT!) Blah, I just want Christmas to be over so I can play, relax and start training for the New Year's drink-a-thon.

Meanwhile, I'm not knitting too much. I cast on last night for a Fair Isle hat- Is it going to be ready to give to my mother on Sunday? Hhahahahaha-no. It's on #2 needles. I started a scarf for myself, on #15 needles, using scrap yarn but it's turning out so dense that it's either going to be a rug or a blanket. I haven't been doing too much knitting because when I'm not with Boyfriend, I'm just wandering around my place, going, "Jeeze, it's like 8 pm... [sigh] I guess I'll go to bed."

I finished watched LOST the other night. It's the best t.v. show I've ever seen in my life. Hands down. The best.


nicole said...

Stick with watching Lost on DVD because watching it on TV just takes too damn long. It's like TV stuck in molasses. Happy Solstice!

Anonymous said...

you can always use my invention... i made it up when i lived in oregon... Im outtie like clam chowdie on a new england sunday (the most likely time to be out of clam chowdie)