[amy] I feel the need- The need for speed.

I love coffee, okay? I love it. It's the only thing that I can consume and actually feel a change in my body. I could be dead tired and after a couple cups of strong home-brewed coffee, I'm all better. When I have leisure time, I'll even sing a little song to my first coffee of the day: "I love you [sip] You taste so good [sip] Just the right amount [sip] of cream and sugar [sluuuurp]."

Having said that, let's ignore the obvious: I shouldn't be driving around before I've had any coffee. I'm not officially "awake" yet and that could be deemed "dangerous" to other drivers or whatever. This morning I pulled into a gas station, pumped $20 worth of gas, went inside, got a bagel and a coffee, paid $2.36 for the bagel and coffee, went back out to the gas pumps, got into my car and drove away. It wasn't until about an hour later when I was sitting at my desk, after I had drunk all the coffee, that I wondered: "How much was breakfast? Didn't I- OH CRAP!" I called up the gas station and told them I'd be in around lunchtime to pay for the gas. Jeeze, I'm such a bone-head. No wonder all the gas places are starting to make people pay before they pump.

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Merry Christmas Stender!