[amy] Good News

I have a boyfriend. HA HA! AHH HAHAHAH! My monastic life is over! The relationship has kicked my domestic skillz (as well as my nunchaku skillz) into overdrive- I'm cooking all the time. This past weekend I made clam chowder (too thick, will only use half the amount of butter/flour to thicken it next time), blondies, shepherd's pie (with lamb; it's called "cottage pie" when you make it with ground beef) and a ham / onion / swiss cheese quiche. As Boyfriend and I are eating quiche, I tell him that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I pause, then explain: "You cut open the stomach, reach in and up, and then rip the heart out." He said that an even faster way is through the ribcage. [siiiigh] See, he doesn't even get scared when I subtly threaten to kill him.

Also, I end up saying the stupidest, most air-headed things to him. Take for example:

BOYFRIEND: ...and that's why the band broke up- John Bonham died. Overdosed.

AMY: Huh. So is Led Zeppelin, like, the Nirvana of back then?

BOYFRIEND: It's, ah, it's not really the same thing.

The Nirvana of "back then"? Guh, I'm such an IDIOT!

The only downside is that he works really late during the week. I've been getting no sleep and subsequently look like a junky at work. People will come into my office and say, "Hey Amy, about those TPS reports- Whoa! Are you... You look kind of... Jesus, are you using again?"


nicole said...

Are you dating Nick from Freaks & Geeks?

Mark Sasahara said...

But Baby! What about US!???