[duuuh] Killy duh brain cells.

It’s been a week since my last posting. Since that time, I’ve managed to consume… Okay, imagine the big fish tank that Shamoo the killer whale swims around in at Sea World. Imagine it was filled with beer and vodka and vanilla vodka and tequila and… ugh. Now, imagine I drank it all. YOU DON’T HAVE TO IMAGINE BECAUSE I DID! Ooooo, no more yelly yelling. Okay.

I will say that in the past week, I’ve laid waste to several small villages, put my feet in my mouth so many times that I decided to (a) just leave them there and (b) take up yoga again. I think I vaguely remember pushing an old lady and her walker to the ground, too. I don’t remember anything specific that I said to people, but it must have been a truck-load of lies because I’m getting all kinds of calls to my home about “how to resolve the current situation in Albania, Miss President.” Hmm…

So forget reading, man. The words would just be swimming around before my watering, bloodshot eyes. I did finish Perfume a while ago and it was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I’ve been reading small portions of Diary of a Teenage Girl since. I particularly like the novel and comics format of the book. The story has been pretty interesting so far (teenage girl sleeping with her mother’s boyfriend) and everyone I talk to who had read it loved it.

Mostly in the time that I’ve been hungover recuperating from severe dehydration, I’ve been watching Invader Zim. I knew Jhonen Vasques (Squee, JtHM) had created a cartoon for Nickelodeon a long time ago and that said cartoon subsequently got canceled, but I had so idea it was this funny. I haven’t laughed this hard at a television show since… since… I remember laughing a lot during the first season of The Shield, but my reaction was classified as “inappropriate” for some reason (i.e. people get freaked out when you find violence hilarious). Eh, but inappropriate laughing seems to fit well with Zim. It’s great. And I can identify with the I-will-destroy/rule-the-world megalomania.

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