[books] Shitty Book Comprehensive #2

TARGET: How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men

BY: Adam Quan

PREMISE: Written by an Asian with Asian men in mind within the context of a western society. Provided inside are the knowledge, framework and tools necessary for an Asian man to understand, to plan and to put into action the steps to successfully date a white woman. This step-by-step guide includes planning, relationship management and is an easy to read and easy to understand manual. The guidelines presented will help you pursue and succeed with that white woman you are after.

Survey SAYS:

"Being asian, white women automatically assume I have an abnormally small penis. While dead on, this stereotype makes dating difficult... This book has made me realize that I can get a woman to love me for more than my math skills." - Tai Ni Wang

“Chapter 14 'Where to find the white women' or someting like that, helped me find my white women in a nearby housing center for women. She is beautiful, with long face, and has many nice paintings on her body.” - Wong Laundry & Bail Bonds

“I am proud that book tell me how to decieve to get boom boom from white woman without going to street corner and giving $50 bill to woman that missing teeth and smell like wet dog.” - M. Nguyen

“Quan's methods and principle can be applied to any race of man. I'm an extremely fat 45-year-old computer programmer... After I read just 14 pages I was already bagging soccer moms whom I found at my local laundry mat. This after almost 10 years of hopeless celibacy. Not long after I finished the book I was able to step up my game to include 'Grade-A' Wal-mart white meat.” – R. Olds

"I like my women as I like my rice: white, hot and boiled! thats why i loved this cook book." - asian canibal

"my mistake, i originally bought this thinking it was 'how to drug a white woman.' but it turned out to be helpful anyway." nondescriptboy

"Why didn't you write this book sooner Adam Quan you selfish SOB! Do you know how many nights I spent wacking off to Kathy Lee Gifford, Celine Dion, and Barbara Walters?" - Asian Invasion

"I promptly finished the book and before I knew it, I had white women all over me, even the red headed ones with freckles everywhere. Not only had I lost my virginity, I had so much sex I thought I had caught an std." - golden boy

SCORE: 5 pieces of poop. The fact that a book like this could even be published annoys me, but the stellar 5-star reviews are worth it.


Anonymous said...

Note: the review was written by a Caucasian male . with a pen name M. Nguyen, as reported by amazon.com. name modified for privacy
How to boom boom all night, September 21, 2004
Reviewer: M. Nguyen (Portland, OR) - See all my reviews

I come to America from Japan. This book show how easy white women truly can be. Within few hour I meet woman at local state employment office with an infant and 2 older child. I remember that page 37 explain how to pretend that I am successful game developer for Sony and make conversation with prepubescent white male. Woman child start to ask about game I make, and woman took interest in my knowledge of her childs interest. She mention that boy father leave her for woman he meet at local McDonalds and comment on how it good for man to be stable.

I went to house for dinner with woman, and after kids go bed I was able to see how white woman please man of my nature. I was not unconfortable with fact that my genitalia was not like black man and that I had to work at getting it ready for boom boom. It good to know that I not have to go to bar and bring drunk fat woman home in order to get love from her.

I am proud that book tell me how to decieve to get boom boom from white woman without going to street corner and giving $50 bill to woman that missing teeth and smell like wet dog. Now that I learn basics, I now can get fancy car to pick up suburban white married woman who want to fling with man with "bling"

I am cool dude man now!

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Pen Name: M. Nguyen (Portland, OR)
About me: I am 20 year old male from Oregon, and love many different things. I am an active snowboarder, drummer of 7 years, and have a beautiful yellow lab named Molly.
I love to help people get the most they can out of the services offered in my department, and love working with computers.
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amy said...

What's going on at Amazon? First Ann Rice's scathing review of her reviewers is gone (probably her own doing) and now all the stupid, racist (yet mildly entertaining) revews for this stupid, racist book are gone. Thank goodness I cut and pasted some of the choicest bits here for posterity...