Thursay night

Barbara: I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already.

Amy: I know.

Barbara: I’m going to be drawing all day at work, so it should go by fast.

Amy: That’s nice. I wish I could draw all day and get paid for it.

Barbara: It’s tiring on the eyes, though. Some of the women working at the tables in the middle of the room will rest their head on their arm for a few minutes.

Amy: Sleeping?

Barbara: Resting their eyes for a little while.

Amy: Yeah, that’s called “sleeping.” You can’t do that where I work. People would be like, “What the hell are you doing? Wake up.”

Barbara: Sometimes Gwen sleeps for 15 minutes under a desk.

Amy: Are you kidding me? She crawls under her desk and goes to sleep?

Barbara: Well, there’s this row of tables against a wall and she’ll sleep under there. Like, half in and half out.

Amy: … You don’t think that’s a sign that she has mental problems?

Barbara: She only does it every couple of months.

Amy: That’s doesn’t make it okay. What kind of operation are they running at your work? I would understand it if you guys were working 20 hours days but come on, you can’t go 8 hours without a nap? Just tell them to drink more coffee.

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