Del Toro turned down HP#3 for Hellboy

Saw Hellboy this weekend and thought it was awesome. Loved it. Would like to see it again. Am in love with Ron Pearlman now. Reading through the NYT movie review today, Elvis Mitchell says that Hellboy has a "huge, stonelike left arm." No, man. It's the friggin' Right Hand of Doom. Right, not left. Jeeze.

I should mention that I drove 40 minutes to Claremont (with the nice theaters and digital surround sound) with Barbara and Jason to see the matinee. We got there just in time but learned that the movie already started... an hour ago. Daylight Savings strikes again. We had no idea. The next showing wasn't for four hours so we just went all the way back home and caught the movie later at the Sony [Crappy] theater.

On the way home, Jason was trying to call Sony for showtimes on his cell phone. I was telling Barbara about the nice theaters in Boston where all you have to do it type the first three letters of the movie into the phone and it'll tell you the showtimes for that movie only. She was so impressed you would have thought I told her about flying cars. Here, we have to listen to a shitty recording and if you catch the recording in the middle (and miss your title), you have to wait for the stupid thing to rewind and play over again.

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