Sunday music

[Jason, in the back room of the house, drilling something in the wall, moving things around]

BARBARA: It sound like Jason’s playing the drums back there… Doesn’t it?

AMY: Yeah, like he’s banging his hands against the water heater. Like [Miming drumming] PAH! PA PA PA PAH!

[Jason, banging around back room more]

AMY: And then, like, when he wants to hit the cymbals, he punches his fist through the window. [Laughing]

BARBARA: … What?

AMY: He’s like [Miming drumming] PA PA PA PA PAH- and then [Miming punch] SMASH through the glass.

BARBARA: What are you talking about? I was just talking about him-

AMY: [Laughing harder] And then his hand would be all bloody.

BARBARA: Okay, I’m taking the cats outside. You come out when you’re sane again.

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