[knitting] Seascape Scarf

I've had this Seascape scarf finished for quite a while but only got around to blocking it this past weekend.

Seascape stole

I think the pattern as written only has you do six repeats for a wrap-around-the-shoulders type stole. I made it much longer (ten repeats) for a scarf length.

I used less than three skeins of Louet Kid Mohair (discontinued- bought at Webs years ago, I think). Overall the scarf is light and fluffy and sun-shiny. I just had to be very very very careful at the start to get the pattern right- because ripping back mohair is never easy or fun. Once I got the hang of things, it was smooth sailing the rest of the way.

☀️ #knitting #seascapestole

Murderface helps me pin out the blocking wires. His nails come in handy.

Murderface helps me block a knit scarf. #knitting #seascapestole

The scarf is getting mailed off today- sending it to a friend for her to give to her mom for the holidays. I think she'll just have to look it over for cat fur before she wraps it. Because there's going to be cat fur.

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cristina said...

Oh, how nice of Murderface to help you!