[art] Fluid Painting

Was able to pour a few more fluid acrylic paintings last weekend.

First, I wanted a bright one with just white, red, yellow and blue:

🌈 #fluidart #fluidacrylic #fluidpainting

That is my largest one to-date. I did two cups of colors and poured them across the canvas, rather than doing an upside-down pour. I love the large cells and bright colors.

Next, I tried an ocean-meets-beach pour:

🌊 #fluidart #fluidacrylic #fluidpainting

I like it okay. Next time I might not add any of the oil to the browns- so it's not as dynamic as the blue/white. I swiped through the blue and used a straw to blow some of the white at the surf back onto the blue.

With the leftover colors, I just put them all into a cup and poured over a small canvas:

#fluidart #fluidacrylic #fluidpainting

These "leftover" pours never disappoint, it seems. Not matter the color combo- it always looks interesting.

Oh, and one more planet:

Fluid Acrylic painting

These round ones are poured onto a wooden disks that are only 1/4 in thick. They kind of warp a bit as they dry. I have them all stacked up with a weight on top, trying to flatten them out. I would like to make them into clocks- but I will have to research more on clock mechanisms and frames.

The craft room is all tidied up and the paints and paintings have been put away:

Craft room

Because we need the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Thank goodness I'm taking Wednesday off to prepare- 17 people are coming. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGOG. It'll be fine. I'll just start drinking at noon. 

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