[knitting] Hats and Hats and Hats

I am so obsessed with hats right now.

It's so flipping cold out. I'm just going to stay under blankets, netflix and knit. The hat pile grows. #netflixandknit #knitting #hatknitting

In two weeks, I've made 7 hats and just started the 8th.

The first was the purple one at the bottom right of the photo. Pattern is The Elm Road Hat at Ravelry but it's just a twisted rib beanie. The yarn is a lux 50% cashmere / 50% yak blend (Lhasa by Debbie Bliss) gifted to me by my sister. The hat is so warm and so soft- already claimed and being worn by Dollar. 

Next was the dark blue variegated one in the top center. Pattern is The Glen Abbey Hat. Nice, a little long to make it slouchy. Yarn is Mountain Goat by Mount Colors, 55% mohair / 45% wool. It's a little itchy at the forehead if I'm being honest. But this is a great pattern for breaking up variegated yarn.

Then the brown one. Pattern is Graham at Ravelry. Basic broken rib. I like that it's knit on the wrong side and then turned inside out for a nice, nubbley purl texture on the outside. Knit a little long for slouch. Yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca, 50% alpaca / 50% wool. 

The blue cabled pattern at the bottom center is Father Cables. Knit the smallest, fitted size and it's still quite large. The yarn is Aslan Trends Invernal, 50% angora, 25% nylon, 25% wool. So soft- I don't work with angora enough. The yarn is whatever while you're working with it but after going around and around and around and pushing stitches along, you can see the angora start to bloom and make a nice halo several rows down. I particularly like this hat.

The natural colored ones to the left in the photo are from a pattern called Spicule- which is actually three hat patterns (and three little matching hat ornaments- so cute!). I'm doing all three. My plan is to do five natural-colored aran(ish) hats and then give them to Dollar's bandmates. And then they can wear them out to winter gigs. The yarn is mystery undyed wool from the stash (ripped from a big, off-white cabled sweater that someone started, never finished, gave to me and I've reclaimed the wool).

I've started the fourth aran hat (from a pattern I've made three times). Now to scour Ravelry for the last pattern... Then I miiiiiiiiiight take a break from hats.

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