[vermont] April Fools

This is another one of my super-busy work weeks, so I don't have much to show in terms of crafty stuff. I've not had time to do anything other than get up, go to work, werk werk werk werk werk (he see me do me durr durr durr durr durr), get home, make supper, eat late and go to bed. What a glamorous life I lead.

The weather has been pretty rainy and not-awesome this week. And this is after an April Fools Day blizzard last Saturday:

Saturday, April 1

Saturday, April 1

Saturday, April 1.

That was five days ago. You know what the forecast temperature is for next Tuesday, five days from now? 76 degrees. SEVENTY-SIX DEGREES. I assume temperatures will reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit before the end of April? Maybe? Things around here should be as hot as the surface of the sun by this summer? Yes? Is that how weather works? No? I'm just... not ready to go from "Yay, snowshoeing" to shorts/flipflops/air conditioning in ten days. I am ready for spring weather and plants and gardening... but the rapid change in weather is just kind of alarming.

Looking forward to a half day tomorrow! TGI(almost)F.

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