[misc] Murderface Monday

This is a busy time of year for me at my work, hence the silence all last week. Basically I leave the house before 6 am, get home after 6 pm. Then I just make supper and go to bed. And it didn't help that I had a cold all last week, so... it was not fun. I spent this past weekend relaxing and hanging out with Dollar and the cats. 

Murderface, finishing off a yawn after I woke him up for a picture:

Murderface, ending a yawn

Then I went to find Penny. Here she is... finishing off a yawn after I woke her up for a picture:

Penny, ending a yawn.

All right, fine. Maybe I'll leave these cats alone to nap in peace.

Actually, I had to move Penny:


So I could get that afghan back. I finally pulled out some yarn and figured out where I was in the pattern and added a new round. It's slow going but I'm ready to wrap it up. It's nice and dense and heavy- it's keeping me so warm while I work on it.

You know what I'm not working on? My Sock Madness socks:

First round Sock Madness. This is going sooooo slowwwww 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢 #sockmadness11 #sockmadness #twistedmadness

I was so excited to start this year's SM11 but I'm hating this pattern. It's very slow going and the stitch is completely tedious. I keep wanting to persevere. At this point, I'm to the ankle of one sock and halfway through the leg of the other... but I think I'm going to rip it all out. Which makes me feel like I've completely wasted about 20 hours of knitting time but I know I'll be happier. I'm really quite stressed out and anxious at work (which will ease in another month or so), I don't need to ALSO worry about a looming deadline for making a pair of socks that I hate. I have about 50 free socks patterns in my Ravelry queue that I know I DO want to make, so I'm just going to print off 5 of those patterns and have my own low-stress Sock Madness. In fact, I'll just call it Sock Sanity. 

I know this is the right decision because I've already abandoned these socks and went back to other, fun things that I actually want to knit and finish. I finished a baby sweater and started another:

Little Coffee Bean Cardigan.

I washed and blocked 4 little finished baby sweaters. I started digging through my button stash. Just have to sew buttons and then they'll be ready to be gifted to the niece.

Will prob be working from home tomorrow- winter isn't over yet. We've got 12 " - 18" of snow forecast! Looks like I'll be able to take the snowshoes and snowmobiles out for another spin this season.

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