[knitting] Coffee Bean Cardigans

Two little striped cardigans:

Coffee Bean Cardigan

Coffee Bean Cardigan

After forcing myself to be all laissez-faire about my lack of control over the color pooling in yesterday's short-sleeved cardigan, I think I wanted order for the next projects. So two striped cardigans it was.

The pattern is Little Coffee Bean Cardigan (free on Ravelry) and the yarn is Salishan from Knit Picks. Never heard of that yarn? It was one of KP's first, when they first opened online. It's sooooo discontinued. Four colors (two balls each) have been in my stash for ages. I'm often digging through my stash looking for superwash yarn (I don't have much) to make things for my niece and even though this yarn's ball band said "hand wash only", the wool/cotton fiber content was enough to make me knit a small swatch and machine wash/dry. It didn't felt so I knew I could use it for baby stuff.

These were quick knits- apart form the sleeves. I'm adding striped sleeves to the list of things I hate to do. You know what's already on that list? Sewing buttons. I've been knitting so many baby sweaters and putting off sewing buttons by knitting more baby sweaters. This inevitably led to a pile of baby sweaters that all need buttons.

So I spent Sunday Morning with my button stash and settled on the following for these coffee beans:

Wooden buttons by @katrinkles_knitting_jewelry #knitting #buttons

Buttons and thread

Happy with how they turned out. I'm heading over to my sister's today to drop them off.

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