[knitting] PussyHat3

Finished the third PussyHat:

PussyHat #3

It was in a state of "almost done" for weeks, I just ran out of yarn and back to rip back an old project to get more. And then skein and wash the yarn. But now I have lots of good-as-new pink superwash:

All that kinky pink yarn washed, dried, skeined. Good as new!!!

Sunday morning I got out the swift and ball winder to wind one smallish skein of pink yarn to finish the hat. I resisted the urge to pull out a bunch of random skeins from the stash to also wind into balls. (When I start winding, I want to wind everything.) I did find a 7-year-old project that has been monopolizing a 16" pair of US 7 circular needles- that green linen stitch cowl in the middle. 

Morning projects. That lime green, color pooling, linen stitch, neck warmer in the middle is going to the frog pond. It's been untouched, monopolizing a set of needles for... at least 7 years. #knitting #knittingufo

Ugh, the color pooling. I hated it from the get-go but rather than ripping it back, I just buried it away. Well, it's all gone now and I'll use the yarn for what it was originally intended- socks.

Speaking of socks- the specs for the first round of Sock Madness were released yesterday! Time to stash dive!

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