[gardening] Shade bed

Thing are quickly turning green:

Back yard

Apple trees are completely covered with blossoms. We had no wild apples last year. Here's hoping for a ton this fall so I can make cider again with my neighbors.

On May 2, I started digging a new part-shade bed:

Shade bed - digging

As of this weekend, it's pretty much done:

Shade bed - done.

Planted in this L-shaped bed: heuchera "palace purple", hostas, soloman's seal, primula veris, astilbe (no idea what color), catmint, lily of the valley, lady's mantle. I also started seeds in several spots for columbine, foxglove and Tibetan poppy.

The sempervivium are all doing well in the rock garden. This one is transitioning from red to green and it looks so "Christmas-y" right now:

Ho ho ho, Merrrrry Christmas. 🎅🎄🎁 Slowly morphing from red to green. #sempervivium

Finally, some irises that I got from a friend last summer are blooming:

Purple bearded irises

They are an amazing dark shade of purple. 

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