[travel] Day Trip

Dollar and I took a day trip to Northampton, MA yesterday. I had it all planned out. First, we'd have lunch at Curtis' BBQ in Putney on the way down. Except- we got there and it was closed. Only open Thurs through Sun. Devastated, I was all, "Okay. Day ruined. Let's go home." Ugh. Then I remembered Whetstone Station in Brattleboro and we went there for a bite and brews. We even got to sit out on the deck overlooking the Connecticut River.

Day trip. Lunch plans fell through- Curtis' BBQ in Putney wasn't open today. Sigh. I suppose lunch on the deck at Whetstone Station will have to do. 🍺⛅️👌

It didn't suck. And their summer shandy/radler made with grapefruit GuS soda was the bomb.

Feeling better, we went the rest of the way to Northampton to spend all the moneys at Webs. Dollar basically sat in a recliner and played on his phone for however long (hours?) I went through the store. Then we found parking close to downtown and walked around. We walked through a farmer's market and down an alley. There's some cool graffiti around:

Northampton, MA rocks. Bought a ton of new yarn at Webs, old records at Turn It Up and saw some cool graffiti.

You can't tell by looking at the picture, but this alley smelled like pee.

Then on to Turn it Up! for cds and records:

Turn it Up!

I picked up some old records: Paul Revere and the Raiders, various Motown hits, Three Dog Night and some obscure 80's demo that looks so, so, so terrible I can't wait to listen to it.

Then Osaka for dinner:

Fancy roll

We rolled our bodies down to the car and headed home. A quick pit stop at the first rest area/welcome center in Vermont and I took this picture:

But it's always nice to return home to #vermont. 💚🌲🌳 P.S. The entire state smells like lilacs right now.

Awesome day. The last time we made this trip, it was a Sunday. Curtis' was open but Webs wasn't. NEXT time, I'm going to make sure we go on a day that both are open. Sheesh. It shouldn't be so difficult to do!


Boozyknits said...

I would love to go to webs. Do you get the same discounts as online? And no shipping? I'm also jealous of your child free dining experiences, looks lovely.

amy said...

Webs is great- it's the same discount as online. It's huge- they have shopping carts! The back warehouse is all the closeouts and front shop is all the new/current stuff. I mostly go for closeout yarns. No shipping costs :)