[quilting] Finished Quilt

I got the call that the quilt was finished, so I drove up to Fairlee to pick it up on Saturday. At home, I put it onto the guest bed and took about 100 pictures of it. I love it soooo much:

Finished quilt

I like the spiral pattern that was sewn on. I picked the thread. I brought them the navy blue fabric to sew together for the back. I picked the puffiest batting they had. And they finished the binding.

Santana on the finished quilt

Santana was so put out that I woke her up for these pictures. In my defense, I wanted to take these pictures earlier but her and Murderface were napping on the bed in the sun and looked so peaceful, I actually waited a couple hours before I was like, "Okay, I have to take these pictures now before I lose the sunlight."

Santana on the finished quilt

Anyway, the quilt and super-awesome and colorful and unique. As grumpy as she appears, Santana loves it, too.


Rebecca said...

Gorgeous! And with your handmade pillows too! I like the way you've been measuring stash use in pounds, by the way.

Took me a couple of looks before I noticed tiny kitty head in the first picture. :-) My husband loves Santana's face.

amy said...

Thanks! She can have a super cute and adorable face. She's really photogenic.

I am so in love with this quilt but resisting the urge to try getting into quilting again- I have enough craft hobbies!