[knitting] Wesley Hat

A new hat knit with three colors of light-weight mohair/silk yarn:

Wesley hat

Pattern: Wesley

Yarn: Sublime Yarns Kid Mohair Blend (discontinued) in tan, pink and navy. 

Needles: US 6 (brim), US8 (body)

The above picture is a little pink overall. This close-up is a better representation of the color combination:

Wesley hat - stitch close up

Modifications: I only really used the stitch pattern. I prefer long, slouchy toques over berets.

The brim is 120 stitches on US 6 needles. Then I increased to 132 and started the main body with US 8. I worked the pattern straight for 10 inches and then decreased rapidly as such:

Color A round 1: *k2tog, slip 2 with yarn in front, k1, slip 1 with yarn in front* around.
Color A round 2: k1,  *knit2tog, k3* around.
Color B round 1: *slip 2 with yarn in front, k2tog, slip 1 with yarn in front, k1* around.
Color B round 2: *knit2tog, k3* around.
Color C round 1 and 2: Same as for Color A.

You decrease 33% of the total number of stitches every two rounds. I thought about adding a pompom to the top but I didn't for a couple reasons: 1) the decreases blended in so perfectly with the rest of the pattern, I didn't feel the need to hide it, and 2) this hat is light as air but still long enough to slouch nicely; I thought a pompom would only weigh things down in the back of my head.

Stash busting is going nicely. I can't even remember the last time I bought yarn. Maybe at the VT Sheep and Wool festival last October. I need to find good one-skein projects and projects for my handspun. I think I see a ton more hats in my future.

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