[crafts] Eucalyptus Wreath

Last summer I ripped down a patch of vines, stripped the leaves and wound them into a wreath. I used to do this all the time when I was a kid and it was nice to do again. Over the past year, the woody wreath has hung in the garage, drying. I took it down this weekend and stuck in some colored eucalyptus branches that I picked up at the craft store:


I bought one bunch of orange eucalyptus, which was the foundation inserted around first. The other bunch was green/purple/magenta. I used a just few pieces of these colors as accents (I even even have a little leftover for a future project).

The wreath is huge but it makes a nice statement on the front door. And it smells great. I would have loved to hang it on the front entryway but Penny was far too interested in the smell and I'm worried that the cats would end up eating some of it. Murderface in the past, after throwing up, has eaten some of a plastic plant that I had to settle his tummy. Then he threw that up. So I can't have anything in the house that even resembles a plant. 

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