[misc] Vet x 3

Penny had a surprise trip to the vet Wednesday evening:

Took Penny to the vet last night for her wonky eye. She's okay, just pink eye.

Pink eye, again. We had terramycin ointment to apply twice a day but I think it's taking longer to heal than with the ointment we've had in the past. Penny rubs her eye after we apply this stuff and I feel like she's rubbing it all off. She didn't do that with the previous stuff.

The next day Murderface went:

Murderface at the vet today for annual exam and shots. And guess who goes tomorrow?

He was a perfect angel, as always.

Then Santana Friday morning:

Santana puts in her appearance at the vet. 3 cats in 3 days.

That's her face listening to a howling cat in the back lab area. I gotta say, I wouldn't like visiting the hospital if all I heard was screaming people behind closed doors. Santana's healthy, she's just getting old. We got a few dasuquin pills to add to her food to see if it helps with her joints- she's starting to have trouble jumping.

Three vet visits in three days. 

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