[travel] Palm Springs Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum was not far from my hotel downtown. I walked over to check it out one evening:

Time for some culture.

They had a really great collection of western art- paintings, sculptures, artifacts.

Palm Springs Art Museum

The museum is also known for it's glass collection. I took a picture of this because it so soo soooo creepy.

Awesome, this museum has stuff from my nightmares. #notawesome #neversleepingagain

Their contemporary art was really thought-provoking. Like this painting:

Contemporary art. Makes me think of the color grey. #deepthoughts

Doesn't that make you think of the color grey? It really makes me think of the color grey. Mind blowing.

Now look at this garbage:

Art is garbage? Garbage can be art? Post-modern statement on the persistence of consumption? #itsjustgarbage #ibringmyarttothedump

Literally. Black trash bags. How... avant garde? This is funny to me. It could be commentary on the state of art or consumption- but what this is really doing is making people look down at bags of garbage and say things like, "All art... it is garbage, no? You look at this trash... Is it art? It is art in that it is meaningless. The artist is so brave- to put it in our faces like this." That's funny.

Anyway, my favorite piece was this huge collage made from ripped magazine pages:

Palm Springs Art Museum


Palm Springs Art Museum

Walking back to the hotel, I saw a huge Marilyn Monroe statue:

Big Marilyn Statue

I had to walk around to get another picture:

Big Marilyn Statue

Biggest granny panties ever!

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