[cooking] Avocado time

Super Bowl season means avocados on sale at the grocery store. I made guacamole, of course:

Super Bowl = avocados on sale. #guacamole

I've read online that avocado is a perfectly acceptable substitute for butter in recipes for baked treats. Trying to clean out my pantry, I took out a box of chocolate Santas leftover from Chirstmas and decided to melt them down for brownies. I used gluten-free flour from King Arthur Flour for this recipe as well:

Brownie. #glutenfree #avocado in place of butter. Surprisingly mother-f'ing good.

Avocado Gluten-Free brownies. These are SO good- so moist and tasty. I gave one to Dollar, gleefully waited for him to try a few bites and then told him there's no butter and it's gluten-free. He was like, "Whhaaaaaaaaaat?" I think I might use avocados to replace butter in oatmeal raisin cookies next.

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