[knitting] 50 Shades of Bacon

I wanted to knit a small modular blanket for one of my cats. At the craft store, I saw a big bin of 1lb bags for yarn for $8. I had a 50% off coupon, so I only paid $4. As I worked with it, the colors ranged from uncooked bacon to cooked bacon to old, oxidized bacon. I guess I was thinking a lot about bacon.

50 Shades of Bacon

60 stitch modular blocks on US 8 needles, finished with a log cabin border.

50 Shades of Bacon

Man, it's a good thing I only paid $4 for 1lb of this no-name mystery acrylic which only said "Made in Turkey" on the plastic bag. There were a few lengthy stretches of pure-white albino yarn (obviously mistakes) that I had to cut out. Knots in the yarn. Etc. Only ended up using about 12 oz (3 balls) for this blanket.

Still, it's a squishy blanket with nice drape. The cats do like it.

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Jen said...

Too funny that we got the same yarn! I haven't even taken it out of the bag. Do you think it's 100% acrylic? I was hoping for a wool blend.