[knitting] Dabbling in Double

After taking the "Dabble in Double" class by Lucy Neatby, I was highly motivated to finally start tackling some double-knit potholders. I started with this elephant one:

Elephant Potholder

I cast-on in brown and worked a couple rounds in brown before introducing the green contrast color. 

The opposite side:

Elephant Potholder

A bit of the circle border design is lost on this side because I was working brown on both sides. In the future, I'd like to do a tubular cast-on for two colors (I think there is such a thing) and immediately start working the two colors on either side.

Next, because I've had this idea and wanted to do it for a while, I charted out a USACE castle logo and double-knit that:

USACE Potholder

I like it but need to revise the chart a bit. Also, I'm not so sure why my stitches are so zig-zaggy. That didn't happen with my elephant potholder and I wrapped all the stitches the same way. Huh. Hm. 

The inverse side:

USACE Potholder

I like making these potholders- they are small and quick projects. Once I feel more comfortable, I'll move on to larger double-knit projects.

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