[knitting] Plain Socks

I rarely knit socks but I started a plain ribbed pair, for something portable and mindless to work on:

Simple Sock

I've spent much time recently in the auto mechanic's waiting in room, waiting for scheduled maintenance and winter tires. 

The yarn is dyed by me, during a class at one of the early Green Mountain Fiber Festivals:

Dyed by me

Of course, I can't work on these "filler" socks now since I'm busy CRAFTING ALL THE THINGS for Christmas. Last night I finished knitting a gift hat and immediately started cross-stitching a project... But after one letter, I moved on to a knew knitting gift... But I need to make sure to embroider a new handkerchief for Dollar... And crochet a doily... And make some Christmas cards... 

Then I just go hide in bed and play iPad games and cuddle with the cats.

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