[misc] Murderface Monday


Had a good weekend- apart from crazy weather. Saturday evening we had to go out to a family dinner but left right in the middle of a squall. Visibility on our hill was zero and I don't have winter tires on yet, so I was sliding. I said, "Nope." We turned around to come home and decided to wait about an hour. We were able to make the dinner but it was slow getting there and back home. 

Sunday I braved the wind and cold to go to the Green Mountain Fiber Festival in Wilder, VT. I saw some friends and picked up some new yarn and spinning fiber. And buttons! For future biscornus. 

Hurray for a short work-week! I just hope the impending snow-storm-of-doom, sure-to-ruin-any-holiday-plans-that-you-might-have, hope-you-enjoy-ramen-on-Thanksgiving, isn't going to making driving terrible. 

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