[misc] Murderface Monday

Old picture of Murderface:

sunday napping

He doesn't sleep belly-up in total abandon anymore :'(  Now he has to worry about Penny dive-bombing him in his sleep.

Had my Lucy Neatby class this past Saturday. It was a double-knitting class called Dabble in Double. The class was three hours long- I got there, sat down, blinked and class was over. The time went by so fast. I didn't have too much trouble with the techniques and it's something that I could teach myself, but you learn extra tidbits that only experience and time will reveal- like purling the far side stitches in a clockwise (rather than anti-clockwise) manner. My purl stitched can be loosey goosey at times and this trick helps to sort that out. I've started a double-knit potholder to practice, practice, practice.

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Denise Briese said...

Gaaa! So funny!