[boardgames] Carnage on the Mountain

Went up to Killington on Saturday for Carnage on the Mountain. This game convention moved from Fairlee, VT and the new location is great. The Grand Resort is really nice and clean. I ran a couple games on Saturday. First, Shadows Over Camelot:

Ready to play Shadows ! #carnageonthemountain

Then a homemade Twin State Ticket to Ride in the evening. Generally, I run two games at every convention for free entry. I think next year I'll just skip running games and sign up to play new games instead. I've wanted to play a historical miniatures scenario for years. Here's one set-up for the Seven Years' War:

Historical Miniature games are so incredibly detailed! #carnageonthemountain

The new vendor area is nice- I picked up a few new games. Hive was recommended as a good 2-player so I got that. The rules are simple but it's 100% strategy (no luck-based elements), so appeals to Dollar and I. We played a couple times Sunday- it's a nice tile game.

I was surprised to see snow up at Killington on Saturday but then woke up to this at home Sunday morning:

Woke up to snow. How pretty. Now hurry up and melt- I have stuff to do.

In the immortal words of No No No Cat: "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO." Ugh, I so don't want to deal with snow yet. Snow tires. Plowing. Shoveling. I mean, really. I still have some Lily of the Valley bulbs that I ordered this summer that need to be delivered and put into the ground still. 

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