[pyrography] The birds won't care how ugly it is. I hope.

I've wanted to try woodburning for a while. I've seen some super cute wooden mixing spoons that have been burned with designs. And cutting boards. And jewelry boxes. 

So I got a book. I got a tool. I got a little bird feeder.


I'm doing this out above the garage because I wasn't sure how much smoke there would be and I didn't want to set off the smoke detectors in the house. (You're welcome, cats.) I figured I would start with shingles:


It's a start. Who knew it would be so difficult to make straight lines. Carbon seems to build up on the tip of my one-temperature tool pretty fast, so I need to get a straight razor to scrape it off as I work (while the tool's still hot). If I like this hobby a lot, I would upgrade to a multi-temperature tool.

If you love it when you're sitting around a campfire and the wind blows smoke directly into your face, you'll love woodburning. Cough, cough. I need to set up a fan. I bought this bird-feeder-gazebo-thing at Joann's and I don't know what kind of wood it is, but it's pretty soft. I'm just practicing, trying things out on this before trying a "real" project on the spoons and cutting board that I want to burn. I don't think birds will care how crooked the lines look.

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