[misc] Oh Christmas Tree

It's been a few years since we've had a Christmas tree up. I wanted to get one but I was unsure how Penny (the primary trouble-maker in the house) would react. I envisioned her breaking ornaments, crawling up the inside of the tree, knocking the entire tree over, etc.

Christmas Tree

I brought a tree home anyway. We put it up, I threw on lights and (unbreakable) ornaments. The cats stayed away at first because I ran the vacuum around it a couple times to clean up fallen needles. But as the days go by, Penny gets more and more bold.

Christmas Tree

Uh... oh...

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gayle said...

We had to make a lot of rules when we combined cats with trees.
1) No tinsel. Ever. No matter how much it brought back memories of childhood christmas trees. (Following cats with a pair of scissors, trying to trim off sparkly butt-dangles. *sigh* Festive, but yucky.)
2) No breakable ornaments.
3) No ornaments below 2 feet from floor level.
4) Count the low-level ornaments every day. If any are missing, fish them out from under the couch.
5) Buy the tree-stand with the widest base. Keep upgrading when a wider one is found. A cat in a tree weighs a whole lot more than a cat on the floor.

Good luck!