[misc] Murderface (and Penny) Monday

Our bed sits pretty high off the floor. Murderface always had trouble jumping up (he would clutch at the edge of the bed like Gandalf when he says "Fly you fools" before falling down the pit). At the apartment, we just kept a chair at the foot of the bed. At the new house, we were using a plastic tub for a year. Recently I decided to get a more kitty-friendly set of steps.

Murderface uses the steps but Penny loves them the most. She scratches them all the time and likes to hide and wait for MF.

MF and Penny

Poor Murderface.


boozyknits said...

I like the steps. Boozy is vertically challenged and we have a chair next to the bed, but he almost needs another step. The things we do for our cats...

amy said...

One pleasant surprise is that Penny scratches the posts under the steps and has practically stopped scratching the banisters. That was a huge relief.