[knitting] Lace Loop

I recently finished a loose cowl:


Yarn is Austermann Murano Lace. It's a nice size- not as long as an infinity scarf, not as tight as most cowls. Got to be a bit tedious to work on but it was a good project to work on during tv or a movie.

Dollar and I recently swapped his office and my craft room. His office area wasn't used much and the space was twice as large as my craft room (where stuff was kind of cramped and crowded). The move wasn't that big of a deal- in one afternoon I was able to take everything out and pile it into the dining room. The worst part of the deal for me was losing the closet. I had that closet stuffed with yarn, yo. Now... were to put it all in a room with zero closet space? I had to go out and get a new armoir and chest/bench. Which helped but... still... yarn... tubs... too much... 

Working on a few different things now. Also need to take some pictures of Dollar's handmade birthday presents this week- can't wait to give them to him!


gayle said...

That's beautiful! Is there a lot of color-change in the yarn, or is it just a trick of the lighting?

amy said...

Yes, the yarn changed from light gray to a black/white marl, to dark gray and back. I love using yarn like this for ripple-y cowls.