[embroidery] More handkerchiefs

I gave Dollar a few new embroidered handkerchiefs for his birthday last week:


More cow bell!


And an amp:

Embroidered Amp


Embroidered Fire

I really like the flames- I used stem stitch because the design was all curvy lines. I used three colors to get a tonal effect. The pattern is an iron-on transfer, so I followed the lines with orange, then did yellow and red on either side of the orange. 

I also gave him a couple pairs of handknit socks. And I made his birthday card. I feel a little bad, like, "Here, I made you this crap because I couldn't afford an iPad", but Dollar's the kind of person who likes homemade things better than purchased things. XOXO. Plus, I do enjoy making things for him because he appreciates it the most.

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