[misc] Cylon City

I painted my nails a wonderful chrome called Celeb City:

Silver nails

It's awesome- shiny! So metal! But... I kind of wished I had a red nail polish art pen to draw a line across the top. Then my nails would look like Cylons, right?!

I actually found nail art polishes at Rite Aid! In the Powerhouse Plaza! I can't believe they had them there! They have tons of colors and they're $1.99 each!

So I got home, did a Google Image search for "cylon head" to see what major features I had to draw to get the look right, and ...

Cylon nail

A CYLON! It's totally messy because I'm not so good with precision but it's recognizable. I ran to show Dollar and he thinks it looks awesome. He's so supportive, awwww.

My little army of Cylons:

Cylon nails.

I didn't even try to draw on my right hand with my left hand. Instead, I just put stickers on my nails to see how decorating nails like that would turn out. I like it fine but the stickers depict cartoon-y things like, panda bear heads (which I do like), a yellow canary wearing a pirate eye-patch and other random/weird things. I'll see how long the stickers last before they fall off.


missfaith said...

holy crap is this awesome! Have you seen these mittens on Ravelry?

i really need to learn colorwork.

amy said...

Oof, now I need to make those mittens!

gayle said...

You couldn't talk Dollar into painting your other hand? 8)
Love those mittens!

SaraCupCakez said...

These nails are AWESOME! I love them! I did same nails too and posted in my blog and told there that this is from your blog and I posted a link to your blog. :) (you can check here)

(I write my blog finnish, not english)

-SaraCC :)