[knitting] Novelty Scarf?

It's been a long time since I've used novelty yarns but for some reason I picked up a couple balls. I think I just wanted some quick projects to give me that feeling of instant gratification. This Catan afghan is sucking the love of life out of me.

 So I made:

Flounce Scarf

Yarn: Flounce by Knitting Fever (1 ball)

Needles: US 8

Pattern: Just garter stitch across 8 stitches until you run out of yarn.

It helped to search YouTube for a video on how to knit with this net yarn. You can kind of be messy and irregular and the scarf will still turn out nice and ruffly. This yarn is really soft and pleasant to touch for being 100% acrylic.

Flounce Scarf

Not a bad one-skein project and the whole thing works up in less than two hours. I plan on giving this one to Dollar's three-year-old niece for Christmas. 


Natalie J said...

That is really cute - looks complicated for something so easy. :)

Sara said...

Wicked cool!

gayle said...

That's some crazy stuff! I had to go watch a video - couldn't figure out how on earth you could end up with ruffles!
Very cute scarf!